Dear colleagues,

Ensuring adequate training, qualifications, and the overall well-being of healthcare professionals is crucial for providing high-quality care to women and families. Over recent years, our profession in Europe has encountered numerous challenges including dealing with aging populations, declining birthrates, the COVID-19 pandemic, financial constraints, staff shortages, increased litigations, and concerns regarding the well-being of healthcare professionals.

Recognizing these challenges, EBCOG and ENTOG have collaborated to investigate various aspects of workforce well-being, disparities across European healthcare systems, and potential associations between different factors such as healthcare systems, cultural backgrounds, and training experiences. The goal is to understand these variations and offer recommendations and standards to address them effectively.

As part of this effort, we conducted a survey that collects demographic information and utilizes validated tools to assess quality of life, burnout, moral distress, and aspects of professional practice.

While we understand that the survey may seem extensive to some colleagues, it can be completed within 10 minutes, and the information gathered will provide valuable insights to achieve the objectives of our study.

You can access either by the QR code or using this link: Workforce survey