One2One Exchange Guidelines

The One2One Exchange is a pilot project designed and managed by ENTOG (the European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology). It is dedicated for the European trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to stimulate international cooperation and give the opportunity to enrich the professional experience by being exposed to a healthcare system abroad.

Application process

  1. The trainees who are offering to host a visitor-trainee fill in a form that, after verification, is published on the ENTOG website. Their personal data and email address is only revealed to the ENTOG Executive.
  2. The host offers are only visible to logged in users of the ENTOG website. Trainees interested in applying, are requested to send an application form to in which they indicate the host of choice, leave their email address and a message to the selected After verification, the application is sent to the host of choice.
  3. The first contact between the applicant and the host is via ENTOG. Further arrangements are to be made individually between them.
  4. The host and the applicant agree between themselves on the date, duration and other conditions of the exchange. The applicant is expected to offer the host an invitation to their home department in exchange so that both trainees can benefit from a fellowship abroad. However, it is not obligatory.
  5. The applicants and visitor-trainees are encouraged to publish their offers as hosts on the ENTOG website.
  6. After completing the exchange the visitor is asked to send a short (max. 300 words) report including photos summarizing their activities and experiences to be shared on the ENTOG website.
  7. After completing the exchange, a certificate (for the host and for the visitor) is issued by the ENTOG Executive for both, the visitor and the host.


Basic rules

  1. The participants are expected to be current Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainees.
  2. The exchange should have a duration between 1 and 4 weeks.
  3. Each trainee is personally responsible for planning the exchange, including travel arrangements and accommodation.
  4. The host is expected to offer accommodation or help to arrange accommodation and act as a guide for the visitor. The visitor is expected to assist the host in their daily work and get to know their department.
  5. The host and the visitor are responsible for arranging any legal or health requirements before completion of the exchange. The host is expected to ensure the feasibility of the exchange with the hospital authorities (e.g. Head of the Department). A document explaining the concept of the project can be issued by ENTOG upon request.
  6. The host and the applicant, by revealing their personal data to ENTOG, agree to process them and reveal them to other trainees according to the rules of the One2One Exchange.
  7. ENTOG cannot be held responsible for any legal, organizational, financial or other problems.
  8. ENTOG does not offer any financial support for the exchange.
  9. Hosts that wish for their offers to be removed from the ENTOG website are requested to contact Their offer should be removed within a week.


Additional advice


  1. Check in your home department/country whether the exchange will be recognized (i.e. whether the time spent abroad will be included as part of your training).
  2. Enquire about possible language barriers (English may not be enough) and enquire about the national requirements to be more than an observer. Recognition of your medical degree/title may be required. Be aware that these administrative procedures may take a lot of time to complete.
  3. Confirm the need for liability insurance and whether the hosting hospital will cover you.
  4. Check occupational health requirements such as MRSA swabs, hepatitis and BCG vaccinations.
  5. Ask the host department for a formal confirmation of completing the exchange or letter of reference that could be useful in your future career.


In case of further questions please contact or