Dr Tahir Mahmood, past president of EBCOG, has been working with two eminent supporters of EBCOG, Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran and Prof Frank Chervenak, for the publication of new edition of two volumes on obesity and obstetrics/gynaecology.

Obesity and Obstetrics, Second Edition,brings together experts to examine the issues and challenges of obesity and obstetrics, also discussing how obesity affects fertility, reproduction and pregnancy. Beginning with the worldwide epidemic of obesity, chapters then go on to review obesity and hyperglycemia of pregnancy, management of labor, interventions to improve care during pregnancy, and long-term impact of maternal obesity.

Obesity and Gynecology, Second Edition,presents updated chapters on a variety of topics, ranging from adolescent obesity, contraception, assisted reproduction and sexual dysfunction, to bariatric surgery and improving semen parameters. The prevalence of obesity in men and women continues to dramatically increase around the world. Obesity presents specific challenges in relation to male and female infertility and general gynecology. Patients who are obese require specific considerations and knowledge.

Obesity and Gynecology, 2ed

Obesity and Obstetrics, 2ed