Since 2016, EBCOG has been conducting a final summative examination for specialty trainee doctors for the award of “European Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – EFOG-EBCOG”.

Following the implementation of European Training Curriculum (PACT) by EBCOG-UEMS, trainees have requested new tools to be introduced for their interim assessment as they progress through their training.

EBCOG is now introducing a formative assessment tool for doctors in early part of their specialist training. This tool will also help trainees to prepare for the final examination. This is open to both training and non training doctors all over the world and will act as a valuable tool for self-assessment at early stage of their training. This
assessment tool will map the newly introduced EBCOG curriculum (PACT).

There are two levels of assessment: Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 can be undertaken at any time following the completion of 1st and 2nd year of training respectively.

These formative assessments are independent of the EFOG-EBCOG exams.
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