We are very happy to announce that you are welcome to apply for the ENTOG Exchange 2020 that will take place on 11-14th May 2020 in Norway.

Traditionally, two representatives from each our member country are invited to participate. The application process should be conducted nationally by the regional trainee association so you must contact your own National Representative to apply for the ENTOG Exchange.

Even if you are not selected to participate in the Exchange remember there is no limit of the number of trainees who can join the Scientific Meeting and Council only (that will take place in Bergen on 14th May) – to register just send an email to entog2020@gmail.com.

The fees are 200 EUR for the whole program and 150 EUR for the Scientific Meeting and Council only.
The ENTOG Exchange 2020 is going to be followed by the biannual EBCOG Congress: www.ebcog2020.org

Here you will find the welcome letter from the Norwegian Local Organising Committee with all the details:
welcome letter ENTOG 2020