30th ENTOG Council
Saturday, 30th May 2020

1. Welcome, election of chairman and registration of represented countries 10 min
2. Adoption of Minutes from the 2019 Council in Warsaw* 5 min
3. Introduction to EBCOG 10 min – Prof. Jacky Nizard (FR), EBCOG President
4. ENTOG President’s Report 10 min – Dr Elif Goknur Topcu, ENTOG President
5. ENTOG Treasurer’s Report 5 min – Dr Martine Favero, ENTOG Treasurer
6. Candidates for a member country – Albania & Serbia 2×7 min – Dr Arlinda Almaslari (Albania); Dr Vladimir Gerginic (Serbia)
7. Election of the host country for the ENTOG Exchange 2022 – Dr Hajra Khattak (UK) 7 min
8. ENTOG’s New project: Multicentric Research Group 10 min – Dr Manuel Goncalves Henriques (ENTOG Webmaster)
9. ENTOG surveys 5 min – Dr Manuel Goncalves Henriques (ENTOG Webmaster); Dr Ferry Boekhorst (ENTOG Executive)

11:15-11:30 Coffee break 15 min

10. ENTOG’s collaboration with ISUOG 10 min – Dr Agnieszka Horala (ENTOG Secretary General)
11. ENTOG website 5 min – Dr Manuel Goncalves Henriques (ENTOG Webmaster)
12. ENTOG social media 5 min – Dr Ferry Boekhorst (ENTOG Executive)
13. ENTOG One2One Exchange Working Group 5 min
14. ENTOG Executive – elections ** 15 min – Election of the Treasurer
15. Other matters 10 min
16. Closure 5 min

* The minutes from the ENTOG 2019 Council Meeting were distributed to the Country Representatives
** Statutory need of elections (ENTOG statutes articles 3.2 and 3.3). One post is up for election: the
Treasurer. Bids for the post are welcome and colleagues are kindly invited to send their letter of
interest and CV (max. one page each) to the current ENTOG Executive (executive@entog.eu)
before the Council. It will also be possible to candidate at the Council without prior notice. Please
feel free to get in touch with any of the Executive Members for more information on what the work
in Executive involves.