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As European trainees are heading back home, we await for the report of the Torino […]

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Laura Spinnewijn, Alexandra Kristufkova, Anna Aabakke, Agnieszka Lemańska, and Jure Klanjšček. Torino Council elects new […]

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What is ENTOG

ENTOG stands for European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and is a Europe wide organisation. In 1997 we were created as an organisation in its’ own right. This was an important step in the developing co-operation of trainees within our specialty. At this moment our organization counts 30 member-organisations. Our aims and objectives however are broader and include promoting the creation of trainee networks in all European countries. We promote exchange and interaction between the trainees of the various member countries, hoping to foment harmonization and improve training standards. We strive for high and comparable standards of training in all countries in Europe. We also work in close collaboration with EBCOG and are represented in their most important standing committees.